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Angry Nigerians slam Laycon after he claimed that some people are praying for the administration to fail


Laycon, an ex-BBN winner and former Big Brother Nigerian Lockdown winner, recently sparked a Twitter war with a controversial comment. Laycon tweeted that there were people who were dissatisfied with the current administration.

He stated that some individuals were hoping for the administration to fail, and that some were even praying for it to fail because their preferred candidate did not win. Many people expressed their dissatisfaction and irritation in response to Laycon’s tweet.

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People on social media pounced on Laycon, encouraging him to stay out of politics and focus on his own business. Some criticized his statement for being callous, particularly to people who did not actively vote for or support Tinubu.

Critics questioned how people’s wishes could have a negative impact on Nigeria when their prayers did not positively affect it.


Chimamanda @chimaobi nteoma:
“You look like a chicken.”

Pulsechain Fanatic @YankeeDoodl…:
“You can’t lend your to call out someone who forged his certificate and was involved in heroin trafficking in US and has the audacity to become the president of this country but you think you can gaslight people for speaking up. Go Sidon one place oga.”

MENDOZA A @Dnpassion:
“So na their prayers make inflation raise to 26%. Mumu.”

Christian @Chris_escapade:
“You are part of the problem; capitalizing on national issues of concern to incite division.”

LOLO & @LoloEtny:
“There are o… it’s their joy to see things fall apart.”

“Hoping and praying won’t make things better or not. Policies and cutting of excess spending will. And stop borrowing.”

Oba Deyemi Oloyede @Obadeye…:
“Ask Brymo! But Laycon, don’t swim in this water, stay clear or be objectively balanced, no reasonable citizen will want the Nation to burn because one candidate did not win but whoever wins, fairness and integrity must ensue.”

Ruth1tt @FruityofAbuja:
“No wonder Erica called you a drumstick because you dey reason like drumstick. Werey, is it our prayers that increased fuel price? Nonsense and agbado.”

Nnáogo (#DaddyOla #DrCrypto):
“Why you run go UK sK.”