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“If I die, you killed me” — Heated conversation between late Mohbad and wife resurfaces online

“If I die, you killed me” — Heated conversation between late Mohbad and wife resurfaces online

An alleged audio conversation between late singer Mohbad and his wife, Omowunmi, during a heated fight has appear online.

Following the untimely death of the Nigerian artist, several rumors about the circumstances surrounding his death have emerged.

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Netizens have accused his former label boss, Naira Marley, of being involved in the singer’s death.


As many people took the case into their hand by investigating the cause of his death, a video of Mohbad and his wife, with whom he had been in a relationship for over a decade, surface on the internet.

Mohbad accused his wife of plotting to kill him in the audio clip, warning her that she would be held guilty if anything happened to him.

He chastised her for pretending to be sick in order to gather information from his WhatsApp device, which he assumed she meant to exploit after his death.

The former Marlian artist described an instance in which he did not want to wear a specific piece of clothing, but his wife insisted on his wearing it in what he considered as an attempt on his life.

He promised that his family would take action against her, emphasizing that she had not treated him with respect and had resorted to using insulting language towards him.

In his words;

“If I die today you killed me
My life is fucked up
I’m saying this in advance
My life is fucked up
Ever since the NDLEA shii
My Health is bad
My tummy is folded up
I do complain all the time
I will tell the whole world 0o

You should leave me alone when you stopped feeling me
Why did you fuck my
Now you pretending
You will pay for this
Only if there’s no GOD
You put me to shame
You acting smart! You said you never loved me
But why did you stay in my life for 8 years Don’t worry
Don’t reply me 000…”

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