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“Mohbad died from an injection given to him by an auxiliary nurse” -Mohbad’s father Claimed

“Mohbad died from an injection given to him by an auxiliary nurse” -Mohbad’s father Claimed

Mohbad’s father has revealed horrific secret about his close relationship with his late son and a terrifying dream he had two days before the death of late Nigeria rapper, Mohbad.

Mohbad’s father struggled to find the words to express himself during the emotional interview, as the loss was very raw.

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However, he revealed pleasant memories of his friendship with Mohbad and described a worrisome dream with a pistol that occurred just 48 hours before his son’s death.

He also revealed that, contrary to common perception, Mohbad’s death was caused by an injection administered by an auxiliary nurse to treat his ear infection.

The news of Mohbad’s tragic death prompted an outpouring of sorrow and support from personalities from all walks of life. Several well-known figures have expressed their condolences and offered to assist the bereaved family during this difficult period.

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However, amid the outpourings of sorrow and solidarity, disturbing accounts of family feuds over Mohbad’s goods have emerged.

Members of the late singer’s family may be seen in a video widely circulated on the internet involved in intense discussions over his assets at his burial plot in Ikorodu. According to online sources, certain family members are scheming to seize Mohbad’s belongings from his wife.