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Mohbad: Trending video of car used to carry singer’s body for autopsy (Video)

Mohbad: Trending video of car used to carry singer’s body for autopsy (Video)

A vehicle carrying the body of Nigerian artist Mohbad allegedly experienced a mechanical failure on the way to the laboratory for autopsy.

The incident allegedly caused a delay in the process, adding to the already heightened interest surrounding the artist’s passing.

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In a TikTok video, @Ogblack said:
“He’s inside this Sienna,” referring to Mohbad’s body being transported. He also revealed the face of the driver of the vehicle.


The video quickly gained attention, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s final journey.

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Many voiced their hopes for a thorough and open examination, seeking clarity and understanding about the artist’s tragic passing.

@#biba#respect#islam said: “Mohbad don’t wanna go God please bring him back.”

@OSAS EMPIRE said: “God pls do your miracle bring back Mohbad for us.

@aramide commented: “God you are the one that raised Lazarus. Please we want mohbad back.”

@Ojuolape shadiat said: “The government should show us his full body before the autopsy begins.”

@sully_gold reacted: “Father lord, please bring imole back to life.”

@uridonato99 commented: “I know God you are a miracle working God. Prove yourself to all the man kind so that thy can believes in you.”

@duduemmanuel242 said: “My bro God can do it if we put our hands together nd pray pls let’s pray for him pls.”

@chibaby42 commented: “God please bring him back again on.”

Watch the video below: