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“They all deserve to be arrested” – Crossdresser Bobrisky reacts to the gay marriage in Delta state

“They all deserve to be arrested” – Crossdresser Bobrisky reacts to the gay marriage in Delta state

Idris Okuneye Olanrewaju, better known as Bobrisky shares his reaction to the news that the operatives had arrested 100 gays at a gay wedding in Delta State.

Bobrisky made it clear in the online post that those 100 gays deserved to be arrested for breaking the law.

Bobrisky claimed that gay people ought to be aware that it is against the law for them to get married to one another talkless of calling themselves together to organize a wedding.

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Bobrisky went on to say that if gays are truly in love with their partners, they should have moved to a country that accepts them.

He stated; “ey guys!!! I want to quickly addressed those set of guys who were arrested in delta. You see dis class is not actually meant for everyone. But i strongly believe you can learn from those Alist. Firstly there’s a law passed against you guys that you can’t marry urself in dis country why d hell did you all call urself together to organize a wedding? That’s d dumbest news have read dis week. You all deserve how you all were treated sad truth. If you feel you are in love with ur partner and you want to be together why not relocate to where you are welcome?”

See Bobrisky post below;

See reactions that follow Bobrisky’s post below;

iamnasboi: Presidential don talk. I Dey wait vice presidential Mr princess to talk.

ladyque_1: First time I’m agreeing with bob. They would have relocated to North Korea for the wedding.

chiefra_fan: Gays plenty for Delta state yet I nor even know dat one at all. It’s against our culture as an African tradition, our so called young men are now practicing a taboo bcuz of dem bod and the rest. Na brainwash Dey do all of owner wey Dey do dis tin If na yansh u Dey like fuck, woman yansh Dey der for u, since woman Toto don to wide like mouth ? she go still give u the yansh fuck. Nor be to Dey find guy man yansh wey bone full. U all need a rehabilitation program asap, wake up Nigeria ?? government and come hard on all of dis influencers including bod and the rest. It’s against our constitution as a Nigeria unless our government Dey still fuck yansh like dem bod #burnthemonastake.

wendy_adamm: Bob don neglect him people o?? He for just go bailll like six of them as queen mother ?.

razycollins: I don’t know how everyone else sees this gay of a thing but for me it’s spiritual. How can a full grown man will wake up and start falling in love with the fellow man, Tufiakwa, ndi nzuzu ?.